Various tools for making KSP mods
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Files for using the Unity editor


Place the "Editor" folder anywhere in your project Assets folder.



Used to perform various operations to models on import to unity

Add Colliders

To convert objects to colliders on import, add the following strings to the object's name:

  • _COLLIDER: Converts to a mesh collider

  • _SPHERECOLLIDER: Converts to a sphere collider

  • _CAPSULECOLLIDER: Converts to a capsule collider, with the axis along the object's longest axis

  • _BOXCOLLIDER: Converts to a box collider. The box will be aligned to the object's local coordinates

Merge Meshes

Add _MERGE to an object's name, and all its child objects meshes will be automatically merged into one. Does not work for skinned meshes

Delete Objects

Add _DEL to an object's name to delete it on import

Trim animations

Automatically removes any animations with only 2 keyframes to make them easier to edit manually


Used to perform various operations on textures on import to Unity. Configured with constants in the top of the file.

Only works on files with the extension EXTENSION (default ".png").

Specular maps

If SPEC_ENABLE is enabled (default true), textures with the suffix SPEC_TAG (default "-spec") will be copied into the alpha channel of the texture without that suffix. For example, the file foo-spec.png will be copied into the alpha channel of the imported texture foo.png.

Normal maps

If NORMAL_ENABLE is enabled (default true), textures with the suffix NORMAL_TAG (default "-spec") will be marked as normal maps on import and when KSP PartTools exports the texture. if NORMAL_GENERATE is enabled (default true), then the texture will automatically be converted from a hightmap using Unity's normal map generation tool.