Texture processing tools with support for Direct3D 10 and 11 formats.
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NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.1.2
* Use ICBC as the main BC1 compressor.
* Various fixes.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.1.1
* Various fixes.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.1.0
* Too many changes to list here.
* CTX1 CUDA compressor.
* DXT1n CUDA compressor.
* Support alpha premultiplication by Charles Nicholson. See issue 30.
* Improved decompressor tool submitted by Amorilia. See issue 41.
* Add support for YCoCg color transform. Fixes issue 18.
* Add support for linear and swizzle transforms. Fixes issue 4.
* Fix loading of EXR files using OpenEXR.
* Use FreeImage as primary image loading library. Fixes issue 31. Reverted.
* Output swizzle codes like AMD's tools.
* Added support for saving PNGs by Frank Richter. Fixes issue 79 and 80.
* Added gnome thumbnailer by Frank Richter. Fixes issue 82.
* Cleanup sources removing files that are not strictly required.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.7
* Output correct exit codes. Fixes issue 92.
* Fix thread-safety errors. Fixes issue 90.
* Add SIMD power method. Fixes issue 94.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.6
* Fix dll version checking.
* Detect CUDA 2.1 and future CUDA versions correctly.
* Print CUDA detection message in nvcompress.
* Select the fastest CUDA device.
* Compile squish with -fPIC. Fixes issue 74.
* Fix warnings under gcc 4.3.2.
* Fix nvzoom option typo by Frank Richter. Fixes issue 81.
* Do not use CUDA to compress small mipmaps. Fixes issue 76.
* Compute mipmaps of semi-transparent images correctly.
* Shutdown CUDA properly. Fixes issue 83.
* Fix pixel format converions. Fixes issue 87.
* Update single color compression tables. Fixes issue 85.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.5
* Fix error in single color compressor. Fixes issue 66.
* Detect mismatch between CUDA runtime and driver, and disable CUDA in that case.
* Fix cmake files when compiling NVTT as a shared library.
* When linking nvtt dynamically on unix, link all libraries dynamically.
* Select fastest CUDA device.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.4
* Fix error in RGB format output; reported by jonsoh. See issue 49.
* Added support RGB format dithering by jonsoh. Fixes issue 50 and 51.
* Prevent infinite loop in indexMirror when width equal 1. Fixes issue 65.
* Implement general scale filter, including upsampling.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.3
* More accurate DXT3 compressor. Fixes issue 38.
* Remove legacy compressors. Fix issue 34.
* Check for single color in all compressors. Fixes issue 43.
* Fix error in fast downsample filter, reported by Noel Llopis.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.2
* Fix copy ctor error reported by Richard Sim.
* Fix indexMirror error reported by Chris Lambert.
* Fix vc8 post build command, reported by Richard Sim.
* Fix RGBA modes with less than 32 bpp by Viktor Linder.
* Fix alpha decompression by Amorilia. See issue 40.
* Avoid default-initialized constructors for POD types, reported by Jim Tilander.
* Add single color compresor for DXT1a.
* Set swizzle code to ATI2 files. See issue 41.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.1
* Fix memory leaks.
* Pre-allocate device memory for CUDA compressor.
* Add single color compressor. Thanks to Amir Ebrahimi.
* Better CUDA error checking.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 2.0.0
* Fixed PSNR formula in nvimgdiff.
* Added support for arbitrary RGB formats.
* Add support for DXT1a. Solves issue 1.
* Refactor and improve compression quality of fast compressors.
* Add cmake scripts to detect processor and chose compiler options.
* Fix normal map decompression.
* Evaluate angular deviation error for normal maps in nvimgdiff.
* Fix DXT1 compression with custom color metrics.
* Fix error in normal map generation from heightmap mipmaps.
* Fix errors in estimateSize.
* Fix errors when maxLevel is used.
* Enable the use of BC5 not just for normal maps.
* Add mirror wrapping mode, use by default.
* Implement polyphase filters. Solves issue 3.
* Add box and triangle filter sampling.
* Refactor nvtt public interface.
* Add resizing input options (setMaxExtents, setRoundMode). Solves issue 12.
* Plain C and C# wrappers. Solves issue 22.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 0.9.4
* Added support for input DDS files, including cube maps.
* Added support for input PSD files.
* Added nvdecompress tool.
* Added nvimgdiff tool.
* Added nvddsinfo tool.
* CUDA compressor 22% faster.
* DXT3 & DXT5 CUDA compressors.
* Faster DXT5n CPU compressor.
* Many bug fixes.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 0.9.3
* Fix non power of two textures.
* Fix estimateSize with rgb format.
* Fix error in cuda compressor block limit.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 0.9.2
* Improved alpha compression.
* Improved fast DXT1 compression.
* Documentation and release notes.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 0.9.1
* Bug fix release.
NVIDIA Texture Tools version 0.9.0
* Private beta prerelease.