My personal dotfiles
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Andrew Cassidy 1dfbcd22a7 remove atom config 2 years ago
Applescript Update 5 years ago
Shell/Scripts update itermcolors 5 years ago
fish/.config/fish update fishline 2 years ago
git update applescript and git config 5 years ago
nvim/.config/nvim remove redundent file 5 years ago
powerline add custom colors file for powerline 6 years ago
.gitignore update fish config and fishline 2 years ago
.gitmodules update fishline 2 years ago
.zshrc simplify zshrc and relegate it to backup shell 2 years ago
CLion.jar initial commit 6 years ago
RiderEAP.jar add rider settings and applescripts 5 years ago
peacock-extended.itermcolors update itermcolors 5 years ago
stow-all make shell directory match other names 5 years ago