Conformal Decals for KSP
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Conformal Decals

Art: CC BY-SA 4.0 Code: GPL v3 CKAN: Indexed


Conformal Decals adds a set of decal stickers to KSP, as well as providing a framework for creating your own decals which conform to the surface of the parts they are attached to.



  • KSP (1.8.x to 1.10.x)
  • B9 Part Switch (2.18.0). Bundled with release.
  • ModuleManager (4.1.4). Bundled with release.
  • Shabby (0.2.0 unofficial build). Bundled with release.
  • HarmonyKSP ( Bundled with release.


  • Wild Blue Tools. For custom decals category in the VAB and SPH.


  • Art and Plugin code: Andrew Cassidy (Cineboxandrew)
  • Semiotic decal pack based on the work of Ron Cobb
  • Munar decal pack based on the work of Gavin Rothery
  • Header image by Zorg, featuring parts from Bluedog Design Bureau


Place the contents of the "GameData" folder into the GameData folder for your KSP install. Shabby, B9 Part Switch, and ModuleManager are required.


Art assets and configuration files are licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0, as described in the file. You are free to share and adapt them as long as you provide credit to Andrew Cassidy and share them under the same license.

Plugin code is distributed under the GPL v3, as described in the file

Any bundled mods are distributed under their own license:

  • ModuleManager by blowfish and sarbian is distributed under a Creative Commons Sharealike license. More details, including source code, can be found here.
  • B9PartSwitch by blowfish is distributed under the LGPL v3 license.
  • Shabby by taniwha is distributed under the GPL v3 license.