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Ignacio e5b763b075 Minor fixes. 3 years ago
Ignacio c8a6e2c6cc Update SDK version. 3 years ago
Ignacio 9e36d6747b Update stb libraries. 3 years ago
leper 831d8e1a91 Fix build on AArch64. Fixes #298. 3 years ago
VÖRÖSKŐI András 99bcaf719c Use isnan() instead of isnanf() on linux 3 years ago
leper 6474f25934 Don't include sys/sysctl.h on Linux. 3 years ago
Ignacio b45560cfc4
Merge pull request #292 from leper/clang_linking 3 years ago
Ignacio d14b4df347
Merge pull request #304 from r-a-sattarov/master 3 years ago
r-a-sattarov c621de8d2b E2K: added initial support for MCST Elbrus 2000 3 years ago
r-a-sattarov b764700527 poshlib: added support for MCST Elbrus 2000 (e2k) 3 years ago
Ignacio a131e4c6b0
Merge pull request #301 from Starnick/master 4 years ago
Nicholas.Woodfield 187fa60492 Updated C-API to expose some functionality present in the C++ API. Added the following functions and enums: 4 years ago
Ignacio e872fc2850
Merge pull request #300 from edowson/master 4 years ago
Elvis Dowson d57ca44902 Enable CUDA support. 4 years ago
Ignacio 662d223626
Merge pull request #295 from mitko0003/master 4 years ago
Димитър Трендафилов d891d044e7
Minor fix to ATOC normalization. 4 years ago
Ignacio 84595a62f2 Add helper methods for jai bindings. 4 years ago
Ignacio 29493d365e Add Visual Studio 2017 projects. 4 years ago
Ignacio c591c5f8b4 Compute spherical harmonics from cube maps. Work in progress. 4 years ago
leper 2ac75fc932 Remove duplicate link instruction. 4 years ago
leper 542711f862 Link with -fPIC when using Clang. 4 years ago
Ignacio 7c68e09d77 Fix ATOC overflow error on large textures. Merge fix from The Witness. 4 years ago
Ignacio a9a6f6968e Fix minor warnings. 4 years ago
Ignacio 8a076c8e8d
Merge pull request #289 from Starnick/master 4 years ago
Starnick 40f395ef19 spaces->tabs consistency 4 years ago
Starnick 0f65d60602 Updated C-API to support 2D array textures + added missing enum values from nvtt.h 4 years ago
Ignacio d2b514a3c1 Comment out hack. 5 years ago
Ignacio a1c54bc7f7 Add fast sRGB conversion. 5 years ago
Ignacio bc60e8c154 Use our own parallel for by default to avoid dependencies. 5 years ago
Ignacio 1722b00802 FloatImage does not need a virtual dtor. 5 years ago
Ignacio 95f1f60490 Enable stb libraries for image loading. This was disabled by error. 5 years ago
Ignacio 5c70ffef0b
Merge pull request #287 from madscientist159/master 5 years ago
Ignacio 005b2518c9 Install nvtt_wrapper.h. Fix issue #288. 5 years ago
Timothy Pearson 95454e9024 Fix build on OpenPOWER (ppc64le) platforms 5 years ago
Ignacio 95bd6193cc Fix bug 281. 5 years ago
Ignacio 6ea078f196
Merge pull request #280 from MonoGame/ignore 5 years ago
Ignacio e52a2f1a02
Merge pull request #279 from MonoGame/vc12 5 years ago
Tom Spilman 6cb1821bf1 Added gitignore to hide stuff that shouldn't be checked in. 5 years ago
Tom Spilman 1a78eae8f6 Fixed some missing files in the vc12 project. 5 years ago
Ignacio 2c276f64d7
Merge pull request #276 from StefanBruens/fix_memalign_linux 5 years ago
Stefan Brüns ff3bd55892 Fix compilation on Linux - missing include, semicolon 5 years ago
Ignacio 9489aed825 Merge changes from The Witness. 5 years ago
Ignacio 2075d740c9
Merge pull request #274 from StefanBruens/fix_build_errors 5 years ago
Stefan Brüns 00d7e249e2 Add nvimgdiff to TOOLS target, so it is installed by default 5 years ago
Stefan Brüns 389f7582e5 Fix linking of bc7, needs symbols from nvmath 5 years ago
Stefan Brüns 7b4b7bb42e Build intermediate EtcLib always as STATIC 5 years ago
Ignacio 8e8b3b82e1
Merge pull request #273 from wsmind/master 5 years ago
Remi Papillie b03d5178fc Fix .hdr images being loaded as LDR before compression 5 years ago
Ignacio befe79d103 Merge changes from thekla-atlas. 5 years ago
Ignacio 182a326e1c
Merge pull request #271 from Chainsawkitten/patch-1 5 years ago