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Albin Bernhardsson 133b84d536
Update file paths in readme 5 years ago
Ignacio 6816128f80 Add dataset from lightmap compression article. 6 years ago
Ignacio e442d6d390 Remove incorrect assert. Fixes issue #261. 6 years ago
Ignacio ed735ac2cb Fix alpha coverage subsampling. Fixes issue #266. 6 years ago
Ignacio 5f6424778e Update changelog 6 years ago
Ignacio 132cf14623 Bump version number 6 years ago
Ignacio 8d333f2a4f Merge pull request #264 from justinmeiners/master 6 years ago
Justin Meiners d47de35893 added noalpha option to assemble and fixed RGB write 6 years ago
Ignacio 4fb0070b7e Do not use undeclared format. 6 years ago
Ignacio fa03dfc291 Add option to control prefered swizzle. 6 years ago
Ignacio 923b57db45 Merge pull request #255 from AMDmi3/patch-3 6 years ago
Ignacio ef30f69c9d Merge pull request #256 from AMDmi3/patch-4 6 years ago
Ignacio 7849ee9e71 Merge pull request #260 from leper/master 6 years ago
Ignacio 0608489ec4 Merge pull request #262 from kencooke/master 6 years ago
Ken Cooke 01597842fe Update CMakeLists.txt and vc8/9/10 projects 6 years ago
Ken Cooke 96b73af196 Fast implementations of toLinear() and toGamma() for default gamma=2.2 6 years ago
leper 78054e977b Add virtual destructor to TaskDispatcher. 6 years ago
Dmitry Marakasov a64cc24169 Use HW_NCPU on FreeBSD as well 6 years ago
Dmitry Marakasov 6b24b1f45c Use libexecinfo on FreeBSD as well 6 years ago
Ignacio e85d851cd9 Do not compile etcpack. Only used for reference. 6 years ago
Ignacio 91fe4d37d6 Enable c++1x the official way. 6 years ago
Ignacio 1762334a9f Fix buildpkg for osx. 6 years ago
Ignacio d7612a3b67 Add some external dependencies. 6 years ago
Ignacio 1004d5d5b5 Merge pull request #252 from lunkhound/fix-normal-maps 6 years ago
Lunkhound 0535ab3414 fix a bug where created normal maps were not packed prior to compression 6 years ago
Ignacio cec8e7159a Merge pull request #247 from Lectem/patch-2 7 years ago
Lectem 24e63456c6 Fix compression for non multiple of 4 texture size 7 years ago
Ignacio 6fb57d3478 Fix order of kaiser parameters. 7 years ago
Ignacio fa6ebda53f Cleanups for 2.1.0 release. 7 years ago
Ignacio 383331bb42 Fix issue #240. 7 years ago
Ignacio 1a75484520 Minor fixes. 7 years ago
Ignacio a11a6739c2 Fix comments. Minor fixes. 7 years ago
Ignacio 94e0ba9ec7 Merge pull request #245 from Lectem/patch-1 7 years ago
Lectem 1770ad7280 Fix build on VC2015 7 years ago
Ignacio d41c7ac33a Merge pull request #243 from fshp/master 7 years ago
Maxim Moseychuk 396b6153af
Fix CMakeLists after rename license and readme files 7 years ago
Ignacio 831ebec475 Update readme files. 7 years ago
Ignacio b0afc82d7d Minor osx fixes. 7 years ago
Ignacio 8659d3fb4a Merge pull request #241 from krytarowski/netbsd-1 7 years ago
Kamil Rytarowski 3c4ccd41fa Add basic NetBSD support 7 years ago
Ignacio 475c66d2cc Merge pull request #239 from madscientist159/master 7 years ago
Timothy Pearson f8790a536a Fix remaining issues on PPC64EL 7 years ago
Ignacio b549e862b0 Merge pull request #238 from madscientist159/master 7 years ago
Timothy Pearson 203eda1d47 Fix build on PPC64LE 7 years ago
Timothy Pearson 47b06d3255 Fix build failure due to PPM save incorrect data types 7 years ago
Ignacio e965a668a3 Merge pull request #237 from sanderd17/patch-1 7 years ago
sanderd17 65b3dfa4a6 Fix compilation on GCC 6 7 years ago
Ignacio 875a78a124 Merge pull request #236 from mpersano/master 7 years ago
mpersano 46e5c6a8ee Fix nvassemble command-line options parsing. 7 years ago
mpersano 2bd367a4dc Add support for compressing texture arrays. 7 years ago