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Ignacio 49677da371 Remove executable property. 7 years ago
Ignacio 3850b22f7f Merge pull request #235 from mpersano/master 7 years ago
mpersano db8fc561c3 Support assembling texture arrays. 7 years ago
Ignacio 9b79638f79 Disable test code from nvdecompress. Update vc12 projects and fix vc12 build. Fixes bug #232. 7 years ago
Ignacio 7596650a2d Be more clear that Qt4 is not used. From cfcohen. 7 years ago
Ignacio 308050923b Integrate changes from cfcohen. 7 years ago
Ignacio 9d6c7d6a69 Integrate more changes from cfcohen. 7 years ago
Ignacio a20044bccc Integrate changes from cfcohen to supress warning. 7 years ago
Ignacio 268e6abd65 Integrate cfcohen changes to fix linker problems with gcc. 7 years ago
Ignacio 87ca69bd14 Do not output messages for disabled libraries. 7 years ago
Ignacio 63d29a508e Fix compiler warning. 7 years ago
Ignacio e9a8630a3f Increase array size to supress compiler warning. 7 years ago
Ignacio c0ad0f4d31 Merge changes from The Witness. 8 years ago
Ignacio Castaño a382ea5b21 Fix compiler warning. 8 years ago
Ignacio Castaño 26723de502 Fix memory leak reported by Sylvain Rochette in issue #229. 8 years ago
Ignacio 58617584d4 Apply patch provided in issue #224. Add support for ARM64. 8 years ago
Ignacio 4ef408b591 Remove debug code. 8 years ago
Ignacio 592c8b8b0a Merge pull request #225 from Skylark13/master 8 years ago
Jean-S�bastien Guay b254961b22 - Removed Library.cpp and Library.h from nvcore VS2013 project 8 years ago
Ignacio d32f0e0173 Merge pull request #223 from cmdrf/no-include-library-h 8 years ago
Ignacio 701f8224dc Merge pull request #222 from cmdrf/gccforeach 8 years ago
cmdrf 7b031aa4bf Do not include removed Library.h 8 years ago
cmdrf d01d72f8e7 Update NV_FOREACH for C++11 8 years ago
Ignacio 0d205015ae Merge pull request #221 from cmdrf/snprintf-vs2015 8 years ago
Ignacio 7aa0390f32 Merge pull request #220 from cmdrf/cmakecuda 8 years ago
Ignacio 68e6cbdd40 Merge pull request #219 from cmdrf/gcclinkorder 8 years ago
cmdrf fa062aa298 Do not redefine snprintf on VS2015 8 years ago
cmdrf 205f492e2e Fix CMake CUDA introspection 8 years ago
cmdrf 899a99a106 Fix link order for Linux 8 years ago
cmdrf 766edcb1a6 Fix more link order for Linux 8 years ago
Ignacio b37ca4498d Merge pull request #217 from pzychotic/master 8 years ago
Thomas Roß 9ad63e7f3a Fixed compiler flag being set on wrong target. 8 years ago
Ignacio 81336cc3e9 Remove unnecessary files. 8 years ago
Ignacio e9d44813d2 Merge pull request #216 from esok/master 8 years ago
Ignacio d4fbfd0ff4 Add project notes. 8 years ago
Ignacio 4c7ff58885 Update vc12 projects 8 years ago
Ignacio a083337473 Merge changes from The Witness. 8 years ago
esok 6bc3224fe7 Added support for gcc and c++11 features. 8 years ago
castano 7e2a9d1adb osx fixes. Fix issue 211. 8 years ago
castano 2d6fc0e304 DXT1 compressor tweaks. 8 years ago
castano d019cd7080 Merge changes from the witness. 9 years ago 4cb60cc5ba Fix vc12 build. 9 years ago 9722101114 Cleanup vc12 project. 9 years ago 3f0bffaadf Add vc12 solution. 9 years ago
castano 6e69560969 Tag dll and binaries with 32/64 suffix. 9 years ago
castano 8f4ebf1d93 Remove missing project. 9 years ago
castano 132443013a Minor updates to C# bindings. Work in progress. 9 years ago
castano ac87eefa6d Apply patch to update C# wraper. Fixes issue 184. 9 years ago
castano f705b2eaa1 Fixes issue 93. 9 years ago
castano 6ade0e27b7 Fixes issue 202. 9 years ago