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  Andrew Cassidy e4455b442e
Fix missing unregister method from botched merge 7 months ago
  Andrew Cassidy 07e6fe4556
Merge remote-tracking branch 'SavMartin/master' 7 months ago
  SavMartin dc1977ec3c
Merge pull request #40 from franMarz/master 7 months ago
  franMarz 240f02f6eb
Align World versions fix 2 7 months ago
  franMarz 1302a22e18
Align World versions fix 7 months ago
  franMarz 352fd8a483
Merge pull request #2 from SavMartin/master 7 months ago
  SavMartin a2d7470a29
Merge pull request #39 from Symstract/anther-align-edge-fix 7 months ago
  SavMartin 2345141772
Merge pull request #37 from ShalokShalom/patch-1 7 months ago
  Antti Tikka e1403bd7ca Fix Align Island by Edge only working in Blender 2.83 7 months ago
  ShalokShalom 31b24ecb76
correct typo 7 months ago
  SavMartin a6a28029d6
Merge pull request #33 from franMarz/Bounds-fixes 8 months ago
  franMarz 0dfef2cf4b
Bounds fixes 8 months ago
  franMarz 18ad90e894
Merge pull request #1 from SavMartin/master 8 months ago
  SavMartin 6f363b225a
Merge pull request #31 from franMarz/previews-fix 8 months ago
  franMarz fa7317b751
Add files via upload 8 months ago
  franMarz f614e3bea7
Add files via upload 8 months ago
  franMarz 9ab565dc1a
previews fix 8 months ago
  SavMartin 24a6f4b130
Merge pull request #28 from franMarz/master 9 months ago
  franMarz c9b684ae0b
popup update 9 months ago
  SavMartin 53d1f1bf5d
Merge pull request #26 from nagadomi/py38 9 months ago
  nagadomi 65a35c8e4b Fix time.clock() error in Python 3.8 9 months ago
  SavMartin 2b5a6c8e12
Merge pull request #24 from franMarz/master 10 months ago
  SavMartin 57fe47a99e
Merge pull request #23 from Symstract/align-edge-fix 10 months ago
  franMarz 97fe5f56f2
Add files via upload 10 months ago
  Antti Tikka bcb546cafc Fix Align Island by Edge giving wrong result 10 months ago
  SavMartin b227c34d70
Fix op_disable_uv_sync 10 months ago
  SavMartin 00efc2c759
fix 11 months ago
  SavMartin 7dcaafa6aa
Merge pull request #19 from franMarz/Align-World-not-aligning-#5-franMarz-patch 11 months ago
  franMarz c579ca9202
Align World fix 2 11 months ago
  franMarz f94b531f6c
Add files via upload 11 months ago
  Andrew Cassidy 48553aff52
Merge pull request #1 from taniwha/find_texture_fix 11 months ago
  Bill Currie 10326c6321 Update texture slot check for blender 2.80+ 11 months ago
  SavMartin f44af5d0c2
Fix get_set_name (in Organize) 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy f6e4f11256
Fix annoying missing texture issue 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy 22e7aa72b7
Fix texture preview in Workbench 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy 204f5991a0
Properly unregister all previews 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy 3677565a23
Add "only selected" option 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy 04f3b0f091
Remove autopep8 error 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy cad078d85d
Add new properties 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy f60b85b477
PEP8 compliance 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy f5252922b9
Tabs to Spaces 1 year ago
  Andrew Cassidy 836a51b421
Render AO on a white background 1 year ago
  SavMartin 4bae63cb94
HIDE_HEADER off for allow pin textools 1 year ago
  SavMartin 3300075027
HIDE_HEADER off in panel 1 year ago
  SavMartin 48b480b43d
fix Pattern Creation, Triangles and Hexagons 1 year ago
  SavMartin 05d548da29
Fix problems with collection 1 year ago
  SavMartin 408475dbbd
Fix 1 year ago
  SavMartin 06a3c8ac3c
Update README.md 1 year ago
  SavMartin 2ad779a212
Create README.md 1 year ago
  Sav Martin 26ace6c6e1 Update to 2.80 1 year ago